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League of Smurfs Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Issued March 30, 2015

Updated May 7th, 2015


Upon purchase of any goods from League of Smurfs, customers will have 30 days to contact executives with a request for an exchange of any damaged, or defective goods. In circumstances where you consider that the product you received is damaged or defective, you should promptly contact us using any of the contact methods on our home page. Please note we have the right to deny such refunds/exchanges upon special circumstances,circumstances that we're not responsible for. For situations in which the 30 day period has lapsed, we may still be able to help. As a secondary protection we are able to replace accounts that are banned if we are responsible for it being banned. Investigation take place to seek the true nature of the account(s) suspension status (may take up to 5 days).If you are not at fault you will receive a brand new account as a replacement,this account will be sent to the payment email the original payment came from. Special refunds are provided for customers who received accounts with malicious summoner names and/or lower than usual Influence points. Refunds within these terms are strict to partial reimbursements. If you suspect you fall under one of these categories, do not hesitate to contact us!


Upon purchase of any service(s) from League of Smurfs, customers will have until their order has been completed to request a refund, and to cancel their order. Partial refunds may be made in the form of store credit. If, however, the order has not been processed, and the order has not yet begun, a full refund may be issued through the complete reversal of the original payment.