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Influence Points Farming

Are you excited for an upcoming champion release but don't have the Influence Points you need to buy the new champion? No problem! We can collect IP for you and generate thousands of Influence Points every day!

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Summoner Experience Image Icon Free Summoner Experience
While we generate influence points for you, you will also gain free summoner experience that should aid you on your journey to level 30!
Quick Influence Points Generator Image Icon Quick Generation Process
We can generate up to a whopping 8,000 influence points every single day, which is much faster than our competitors!
Safe and Secure Image Icon Safe & Secure
The methods that we use to generate influence points for you have been modified and refined to ensure that your account remains safe and secure throughout the entire process.
Speedy Leveling Process Icon Speedy Farming Process
We use some of the most efficient Farming techniques native to League of Legends and can guarantee that your account will receive influence points as quickly and safely as possible!
Logical Pricing Icon Logical Pricing
We offer the cheapest Influence Points Farming service with a low cost of .65c per 1,000 Points. Discounts are available for large orders, for more information please don't hesitate to ask us!
Custom GEO Matching Icon Custom GEO Matching
Accounts that are leveled through our Summoner Power Leveling service or Influence Points Farming service are serviced through private Virtual Private Networks that match your country of origin. This information is extracted from your payment details and used solely for the protection of your account.
Low ban Rates Icon Low ban Rates
We are very proud to acknowledge that we have a 0.072% ban rate for all of the accounts we have leveled and farmed Influence points on for players just like you. If you happen to fall into that minority at any time, please know that we have warranties!