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Unranked Level 30 Smurf Accounts

League of Legends Smurfs professionally trained to level 30 and with neutral standing in the ranked queue. As an unranked smurf, you will be given the opportunity to place up to gold following your placement matches.

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Maximum Level Image Icon Maximum Level
Our Smurfs have been expertly trained to level 30 so that you can skip the leveling process completely!
League of Legends Masteries Image Icon Masteries
Reaching level 30 means that our Smurfs come with 30 masteries.
League of Legends Rune Page Image Icon Rune Pages
Each of our Smurf accounts comes with 2 rune pages.
Riot Refunds Image Icon Riot Refunds
You will be provided with all of the refunds that Riot grants you so that you may undo any purchase within the Riot store.
Riot Points Image Icon Riot Points
All of our League of Legends Smurfs comes with an upwards of 400 free Riot Points ( Some accounts may have 0 Riot Points because riot has removed the Free 400 RP after achieving level 3.
Influence Points Image Icon Influence Points
Each of our Smurfs comes with 20,000+ free Influence Points.
Unranked Status Image Icon Unranked Status
Our Smurfs have not been ranked in the ranked circuit, giving you the opportunity to play your placement matches and rank higher than you have ever before!
Lifetime Warranty Image Icon Warranty
Our LoL Smurfs come with a 30 Day warranty! See Refund Policy at the bottom of the website for more information!
Unique Matching Login & Summoner Names Icon Unique Login & Summoner Names
Our Smurfs come with a matching login and summoner name that's unique, has no numbers and is less than 8 characters!
Low ban Rates Icon Low ban Rates
We are very proud to acknowledge that we have a 0.09% ban rate for all of the accounts we have sold to players just like you. If you happen to fall into that minority at any time, please know that we have warranties!
Instant Delivery Image Icon Instant Delivery
No wait necessary! Accounts are instantly delivered to your preferred payment method's email address as soon as payment is completed through our automated email distribution system!
Logical Pricing Icon Logical Pricing
We offer the highest quality premium accounts; only $14.99 across all the servers we offer.