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Riot Punishes Toxic Players By Withholding Ranked RewardsPosted By: Adam Chubbuck
According to Riot Lyte, not all players will be receiving Ranked Rewards at the end of the 2015 Ranked Season.
NA LCS Finals NYC Mapping GuidePosted By: Justin
As the finals for the NA LCS approach, here is a little guide to getting around New York and making sure you do not disrupt the speedy life of the Big Apple.
Massive Legacy Skin SalePosted By: Adam Chubbuck
Riot has just announced that the Legacy Vault will be opening its doors beginning on August 30th 23:59 PDT, allowing players to purchase 21 current legacy skins and 21 newly designated legacy skins for 50% off. Discover what skins will be available and gain access to a release calendar.
Check Out League of Legend's Weekly Champion and Skin SalePosted By: Adam Chubbuck
Riot loves to provide players with unique opportunities to purchase their favorite champions and skins at a discount on a weekly basis. Discover what champions and skins have been selected for this week's sale!
League of Legends $1M eSports Prize Pool Posted By: Adam Chubbuck
In 2014, the winners of the League of Legends world finals ranked in close to $1.3 million. Following The Chiefs win at the League of Legends Oceanic region tournament held in Sydney, The Chiefs now have their eye on this years prize pool.
League of Legends World Championship Tickets on Sale Posted By: Adam Chubbuck
The 2014 League of Legends World Championship took players all around the world visiting Taipei, Singapore, and Korea, but this year the World Championship event will be held in varying parts of Europe this October. If you have yet to grab your tickets, you may be in luck.
Riot Donates Thousands of Dollars in Fines to CharityPosted By: Adam Chubbuck
Earlier this year Riot announced that they would be donating the 2014 LCS fines to a charity. In an effort to hold true to their word, Riot employees have selected The Trevor Project - an organization which provides free, confidential and secure crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBTQ youth - to receive the LCS fines totaling $31,850.
League of Legends Workout SchedulePosted By: Adam Chubbuck
Maintaining your health is just as important as soaking up all of that creep score to get ahead of the enemy in your lane. Provided below is a comprehensive fitness schedule compatible with playing games of League of Legends simultaneously! No longer will you need to worry about how your video game habits are effecting your health.
The Developmental Benefits of Playing League of LegendsPosted By: Adam Chubbuck
For decades, scholars and other social parties have debated whether or not playing video games like League of Legends can aid in the development of a holistic cognitive and social profile. Over the last decade, a multitude of scientific studies have been released that provide concrete proof to support the claim that cognitive and social growth is possible through playing video games. In this article, we will identify some of the development benefits to playing the multiplayer online battle arena game, League of Legends.
6 Reasons To Buy An Unranked Level 30 League of Smurfs AccountPosted By: Adam Chubbuck
At League of Smurfs, we believe communication is key when it comes to ensuring that our customers feel safe and informed when purchasing League of Legends accounts from us. Below you will find six reasons to buy an Unranked, Level 30 League of Smurfs account from us. If you have any questions following this light reading, please feel free to contact us and we will happily answer any questions you may have!