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League of Smurfs

Improving your League of Legends experience.

We are the leading provider of League of Legends products and services for Smurfs all around the world. We guarantee that your experience with us will enhance your gameplay and experience in the rift. 

LoL Smurf Accounts

Unranked Smurf Accounts

League of Legends Smurfs professionally trained to level 30 and with neutral standing in the ranked queue. As an unranked smurf, you will be given the opportunity to place up to gold following your placement matches.

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LoL Powerleveling Service

Summoner Power Leveling

One of the most tedious activities of playing League of Legends is the grind from level 1 to level 30. We are now offering you the ability to completely skip this tiring task and quickly advance to level 30 within a matter of days!

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LoL Influence Points Service

Influence Points Farming

Are you excited for an upcoming champion release but don't have the Influence Points you need to buy the new champion? No problem! We can collect IP for you and generate thousands of Influence Points every day!

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